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I didn't know many things, when I graduated, I was 21, I was so excited because I got a job, got a good pay at the envy of my professors, it was great job for a fresher, for a small village/town I came from. But actually you know what, that made me complacent, had I known what to expect, what to plan for, had I had a compass, here is what I am being asked to work on, here is how I need to plan my career, here is my focus for the first 4 years, here is my focus for the next 2 years, here is my focus after that, I would have accomplished a lot in my life. Even the current role I am playing, being an Entrepreneur, I would have not given up so quickly when my ideas failed.  


So the goal for this book is to help you exactly do that, what I missed out, what mistakes I made, how I did not turn my adversity into opportunity, how I did not get my MBA sooner. So learn from my mistakes, that is the smart thing to do, especially if you are seriously considering an MBA or any Masters Degree, don't go blind into it, have a plan, you are going to spend a lot on it, What is the payback or, What is in it for your employer? Why would your employer give you a promotion? Nobody gets a promotion just because he or she has an MBA, however MBA IS INDEED A GREAT TOOL, BUT WHAT PROBLEM DO YOU HAVE, TO SOLVE WITH THAT GREAT TOOL? IF YOU DONT HAVE A PROBLEM, WHATEVER TOOL SOMEONE GIVES YOU IT DOESN'T MATTER My friend told me a story, he met this guy at a barbecue party and this guy brought a AR15, a sophisticated assault rilfe to the party, fully loaded, equipped with a silencer, everyone were so scared, when asked why? he said he wanted to feel safe, he showed everyone how he can effectively use an AR15 as a nice prop to sit, to stand to make himself look smart & brave. To be brave & smart you don't need an AR15 you need a fully charged phone so you can call 911 when you need help. So don't let your MBA or Masters be like this friend's AR15. Your MBA or Masters is a very powerful tool, but if you don't know how to use it might very well end up like this guy's AR15, however if you plan carefully, you can get a lot out of it. This book will show you how. 

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Reviews from Readers

I found the book's subject to be very interesting and useful to someone in my situation. It definitely targets a niche audience, but I feel that students at Georgia Tech and similar universities will find it helpful. The personal anecdotes made for an interesting read also. 


I would rate this book 8 for content.


I personally really connected to the chapter in which you described the thought process behind deciding to attend grad school. The mindset in which you first ask yourself what problems you want to solve with your degree makes a lot of sense and is a piece of advice that will be very useful to me in the upcoming years. 


Tyler Curl

Georgia Tech Industrial Engineering 

I have read through the book and overall I like it in the sense that it is your story written with your voice. The personal element to it is great. I get the feeling from your book that your target audience for this book are juniors/seniors in undergrad primarily with a technical background. 


The content is interesting because it is your story. For those who are still figuring out what they want to do in life and come from strong technical backgrounds it can help them decide where to focus their efforts. The content that I felt the strongest was when you talked about entrepreneurship because 1) The experience is not something everyone knows about 2) Shows what you went through to get to where you are now. I also though the content with respect to Steve Jobs was interesting. 


The story of how you started your own company was neat and I also though the excerpt about Steve Jobs was very interesting. Totally applicable but that was something new for me as I have never come across it before. I also liked the part when you talked about not coming from a prestigious school but purely having the belief and willing to put in the work. I think that is so key to success 


Thevuthasan Senthuran

Strategy Consultant IBM 

After reading the book, I found it really very helpful and especially for fresh graduates it was very enlightening as to how we should lay our career path and how to plan the future.


One biggest learning that I had via the book was the importance of building connections and networking. And the other one would be persistent and the motivation of not giving up.


I would rate the quality of the content as an 8, the content was good and the real life examples made it very clear and easy to understand.


Atima Goel

MS Supply Chain Engg 

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