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Question answered in Quora - Have you ever participated on any software project that was delivered o

Yes I have done this and seen done multiple times in my career, there are companies that have figured out very good software product roll out model and have a good process in place that is followed aggressively and they execute these types of projects very well.

My most recent project, rather a program was a partner exit, meaning highly highly sensitive project where the switch over needs to happen from one partner to another partner irrespective of whatever happens. This involved multiple changes to different modules of SAP so, people from so many different teams had to be brought in and all these changes were done at a very very aggressive pace and we made that switchover happen without any issues.

I have also executed multiple WMS rollouts in such a manner in a consulting role, where I would go in with a team and design processes end to end, develop customizations, configure the system, build interfaces to several other client's systems, test everything thoroughly end to end, do the initial data load, take them live and then transition to the client's team and then walk out. There are many small companies that do this very well, usually their sales tend to be around $50 million to $300 million, because they are small, want to aggressively grow and also tend to have some capable people that have carried the company this far.


Puga Sankara is the co-founder of Smart Gladiator LLC. Smart Gladiator designs, builds, and delivers market-leading mobile technology consisting of Smart Gladiator Wearable Scanguns, Tablets, Mobile Tech & Apps for retailers, distributors, and 3PL service providers. So far, Smart Gladiator Wearables have been used to ship, receive, and scan more than 100 million boxes. Users love them for the lightweight, easy-to-use soft overlay keyboard, texting&video chatting ability, data collection ability etc. Puga is a supply chain technology professional with more than 17 years of experience in deploying capabilities in the logistics and supply chain domain. His prior roles involved managing complicated mission-critical programs driving revenue numbers, rolling out a multitude of capabilities involving more than a dozen systems, and managing a team of 30 to 50 personnel across multiple disciplines and departments in large corporations such as Hewlett Packard. He has deployed WMS for more than 30 distribution centers in his role as a senior manager with Manhattan Associates. He has also performed process analysis walk-throughs for more than 50 distribution centers for WMS process design and performance analysis review, optimizing processes for better productivity and visibility through the supply chain. Size of these DCs varied from 150,000 to 1.2 million SQFT. Puga Sankara has an MBA from Georgia Tech. He can be reached at or visit the company at Also follow him at

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