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Question answered in Quora - Is cooking a good profession?

Cooking is not a great profession to begin with, because anybody can cook. Anybody with a decent tongue can figure out a tasty recipe and cook. It doesn't matter what degree you have, what sense of style you have, how high your standards are if you do just normal cooking, you are no different from an ignorant, illiterate immigrant that is doing cooking as well, so it gets fiercely competitive and in general in the United States food is very cheap, that means you need to work long hours and in spite of that you are not going to make a lot of money.

However if you love cooking so much then you can do cooking, but figure out a way to differentiate yourself, figure out a way to make yourself stand out, either by cooking some esoteric cuisine or by coming with some kind of fusion cuisine or do something that nobody has done before, for example 3D printing gorgeous looking food is a trend right now and make sure it tastes absolutely delicious. Or be the best and be numero uno in whatever you cook. Like Chipotle or Zoe's Kitchen or Cheese Cake Factory or PF Changs, I seriously think an Indian chain along the lines of PF Changs or Cheese Cake factory would make a lot of money.

Cooking can be a lot of fun, I am not a professional cook or a chef, but I enjoy cooking, it is not like machining or math, where every measure needs to be accurate, I guess that is where you can make it very interesting, you can add whatever you want and come up with so many different flavors, you can experiment and let your creative side wander all over.

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