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Question answered in Quora - My mind is in confusion. I need meditation to help me focus my mind in

This is a good question, I was in a similar situation a while ago. I was recommended something called Vipassana, but I haven't done it yet. I would love to do it, when I get a break. It involves locking yourself up in a retreat center and not talking for 10 days. This is what Keith Ferrazzi (Author of the book - Never Eat Alone) did to figure himself out when he was in such a confusion.

You go to a retreat, you lock yourself in a room for 10 days and don't talk and only meditate, not even an utter a single word, of course follow the routine set by the retreat, there are certain rules to follow etc. The key is do not talk, when you don't talk you think a lot and that helps you figure out what you want to do. It is a grueling 10 day course during which practitioners sit for hours-long stretches in absolute silence, without eye contact, writing or communication of any kind except with teachers at the end of each day. Keith Ferrazzi talks about this in his book - Never Eat Alone. It helps identify the core that you need to do in your life and base all your actions upon that.

The one that Keith went to is this - Taught by S.N.Goenka - S. N. Goenka

You should be able to figure out where this is offered from here.

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