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Question answered in Quora - What are the pros and cons of a diversely multinational startup culture


1-You will have diverse work force that is able to come up with so may different perspectives and solutions because people from different cultures think differently

2- You will build a much more mature work force in the long run, that is tolerant overall

3 - International expansion will be easier and you can do it faster as you guys grow big

4- You will have a much better pulse on international markets and opportunities

5- If there are people from countries like India, China and Mexico they will come up with cheaper solutions for the problems

6- Also international sourcing will be easier, if you need to get a hardware made in Shenzhen or software developed in India, these folks can help leverage their connections


1- Everyone needs to understand that they are working in a multi cultural environment and empathize with everyone in general and put in some extra effort to understand each other, work together, it could be all the way from Communication, running effective meetings, overall facilitation in anything and everything

2- If the multi cultural environment is not managed properly it could result in issues, people would align and would form groups that may not like each other, in order to avoid all that a really transparent environment/culture needs to be encouraged and maintained

3- You will not be able to execute on the Pros I mentioned above

4- The cheaper solutions they come up with for problems may not always be the most sophisticated solutions, it might not have all the bells and whistles to make it a thorough and complete solution

5- If these international people are very new and from developing nations then they might not understand the sophisticated processes and systems that are in place in a developed nation like the US, so they will need extra training in those areas (unless they went to school here in the US)

Here is an example, this is too much of an exaggeration

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