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Simone is a budding Song Writer, Pianist, Guitarist, Singer, Artist, Story Teller & Performer. Simone has been coming up with songs since she is 5 years old (check out the Extempore section). Simone has been training in Piano and Singing since then and has added a number of songs to her musical repertoire.

Simone's music composition "Snap your fingers" ( won the prize in 3rd grade at the school level PTA sponsored Reflections competition and was sent to the council level competition, where it won the "Honorable Mention" award at the North Fulton Council (NFC) level competition, this was included in the Honorable mention category because typically 2nd graders (Simone was in 2nd grade at this time) were not considered for participation in this category. And this was not sent to the State level because 2nd graders are considered too young  to come up with their own songs at such a tender age.

Simone's music composition "Super Horsey" ( won the prize in the School level and has been sent to be considered at the Council level. Please like our Facebook page so we can keep you upto date on the progress.


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Simone Puga

Song Writer, Pianist, Guitarist, Singer, Artist, Story Teller

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