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I Help Supply Chain Operators Prove They Did Their Job Right



Puga Sankara is a Supply Chain Systems Expert.

Puga helps Supply Chain Operators by providing them a photo documentation system, so that they can prove they shipped, delivered and handed off product in perfect condition saving them from fines, penalties, and headaches.

Puga along with the Smart Gladiator team have saved $150 Million across 200+ Supply Chains in North America    

  • Puga Sankara, Founder CEO Smart Gladiator LoadProof

  • ​​12+ Years with Manhattan Associates 

  • ​​MBA Georgia Tech

  • 2015, Venture Atlanta Presenter 

  • ​2017, CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation Award Finalist

  • ​2018, Supply Chain Brain, Great Supply Chain Partner

  • ​2021, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Pros to Know

  • 2022, Food Logistics Top Software & Tech award

  • 2022, Top Startup Award, Food Logistics 

  • 2023, Globe Award, Georgia Economic Development Team

  • ​​Multiple Years, TAG 40 Most Innovative Companies in Georgia 

  • ​20+ Years in Supply Chain

  • ​30+ End to End WMS Implementations

  • ​Supported $Billion Retailers, Distributors, 20+ Big Brands 

  • 200+ Distribution Centers Process Improvement Walk throughs 

  • ​20+ DC Performance/Throughput/Process Improvement Projs

  • ​Estd Smart Gladiator in 2013, 50+ employees, Boot strapped

  • ​​220+ Customers, Products installed in 500+ Distribution Centers

  • ​​Incubated in ATDC Georgia Tech

  • ​Partners Mercury Gate, Kenco, Supply Pike & many more

  • $150 MM Saved across 200+ Supply Chains in North America



Georgia Department of Economic Development 2023 Globe Award Winners, Smart Gladiator

Smart Gladiator Named 2022 Top Tech Startup by Food Logistics, Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Food Logistics Names Smart Gladiator LoadProof 2022 Top Software & Technology Provider

2021 - PROs to Know Award,
Supply & Demand Chain Executive

2018 - Great Supply Chain Partner, Supply Chain Brain

2017 - CSCMP Innovation Award - Finalist

2016, 2017 - Top 40 Innovative Companies in Georgia

2015 - Chosen to Pitch in Venture Atlanta

2015 - Invited to join ATDC Incubator

2012 - Georgia Tech Start up Competition
Best Elevator Pitch Category - Winner




Dave Tyler, Director Operations Project Management, The Hillman Group

Puga did an excellent job helping us integrate and implement the WMS. He has great listening skills and could quickly convert our ideas into results. We counted on Puga as a partner in several WMS implementations. Puga worked well under pressure and provided guidance as requested. He is highly intellectual and worked well with our team.

Mahantesh Gadekar

CPIM, Supply Chain Expert, PkMS WMOS Consultant

I worked with Puga at Manhattan Associates and at IBM on couple of WMS implementation projects. He has a very good understanding of supply chain process, good customer interacting skills, and a excellent understanding of Manhattan's WMS and TMS products. Puga was often assigned crucial projects with tight deadlines and he always came out with flying colors. Puga delegates well, manages deliverables, timelines, budget and keeps management abreast of all crucial updates. Puga would be a great asset to any team. I strongly endorse him as a most talented supply chain professional with exceptional project management skills.


Trever Ehrlich

Sr Data Analyst, Kenco Group

I've had the pleasure of working with Puga and his group in the development and implementation of a new business solution (LoadProof). Puga is not only a software developer, he is also a thought leader who likes looking at the big picture and how innovations can be brought to solve industry problems. During the software development, he was extremely easy to work with, very responsive in his communications, and his dev team produced a great product for us in record time. Highly recommend partnering with Puga - he's a valuable resource.

Karthik Gowrishankar

Digital Marketing Specialist, PayHuddle

I joined Smart Gladiator interviewed by Puga. Because of Puga I was able to discover my full potential in me which wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t mentor me. Everytime when a bottle-neck occurs within the team he spends lot of hours in his busy schedule to draft a solutions document which I am damn sure that none of the directors would even think of. The fact is he even works even on the weekends for the improvement of the product and the company which shows his dedication and love towards what he’s trying to achieve. I am completely inspired by his speeches, and even when he comes to a regular call he showers valuable insights. Puga’s industry expertise is top notch and his LoadProof idea is a solid solution to deductions, which helps warehouse employees to have better life and good sleep at nights which would have not been possible if it was not Puga. I am highly thankful to him for making me learn new skills which is helping me to grow in my career.


Fernando Gonzalez

Global Finance Automation & Innovation Project Manager at HP Inc

I had the pleasure of working with Puga recently and he is definitely one of the best IT project managers that I've worked with; he is extremely meticulous, incredibly knowledgeable and always looking out to help others. He keeps a sense of urgency when contributing and manages information in a crisp and relevant manner. I would highly recommend Puga for any position.


Inayat Jilani

Security Engineer, Comcast

Puga has been an excellent person to work with. For the entire period he has been providing expert consultancy services at Bed Bath & Beyond, he has added immense value to the project in terms of meeting timelines and resolution of issues.


Maharajan Karthigaivelayutham

Senior Director - R&D, Manhattan Associates

I have worked with Puga in some of WM implementation projects. He is extremely talented resource. He has excellent people skills. He always collaborate with the team to take right decision on critical projects. Very detail oriented person. Great resource to work with!


Kevin Cheung

CIO, Senior Managing Director Ankura Consulting

Puga is very knowledgeable about warehouse operations / design and is very thorough in sharing his knowledge. He has a great working style -- very responsive, flexible and honest. It was a pleasure to have worked with him. Would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

Philip Borntrager

Senior Supply Chain Technology Analyst at REI

Puga was a great project manager for our upgrade. He was involved from blueprint to implementation and was helpful throughout. We sometime disagreed on the path that should be taken but it was always at a professional level and after a course was settled on it was maintained. Puga had a very deep knowledge of the system but wasn’t afraid to say if he didn’t know something. If he didn’t know it he would always find the person that did know. I would work with Puga again on any project.


Marc Edmond, IT Manager Strategy & Enablement Advisor, Navisite

Puga was a key contact for a project Staples worked with Manhattan on to allow receipts to be sent to the active location. Puga gave accurate estimates and was quick to respond to the many questions we had about the software modification. He also worked closely with the technical lead to make sure the design was solid.


Vijayabhaskar Natarajan

Director, MetricStream

Puga was an exemplary person with solid analytical skills coupled with flair for programming. He has eyes for details and very structured in his approach. He plans out his work very well and always handoffs his deliverables on time and with quality. He has handled very sensitive and critical applications like payroll with great care and show of ownership. His communications are sharp , to the point and unambiguous, He is an amicable person liked by all.

Brian Munari

Founder | Inventor | Entrepreneur, Rincon Power

Puga has incredible vision, passion, and drive. His entrepreneurial spirit is second-to-none. He is extremely professional, willing to take risks, and brings great focus to lead teams successfully forward. It was a pleasure to work with him during the MBA program.

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Marc Gay.jpeg

Marc Gay

Operations & Distribution Professional, Ryder Supply Chain

Puga and I worked together implementing Manhattan's PKMS WMS in our distribution network. Puga did an outstanding job making modifications to solve complex business issues. He is a dedicated and trustworthy resource, and a true professional.


Hailey McKeefry Delmas

Episcopal Deacon and Deacon Educator

Puga Sankara has proven to be an excellent contributor to EBN, the premier community covering the global electronics supply chain. He writes regularly on topics of keen interest to the electronics industry (from technology topics such as drones and wearables to business topics such as hiring and retention of millenial workers). He is a source of interesting thoughts on these industry topics and is a well-respected and proactive blogger.

Mike Herriman

Business Partner Manager - Worldwide, HP

I worked with Puga on a time sensitive project that involved crossing a number of IT systems as well as business groups. Puga was able to track and develop our IT requirements with his team beating timelines and going to production with no significant fallout. Puga is a great person to work with and I am glad I had the opportunity to partner with him and his team.

Mike Herriman.jpeg

Becky Massaro, Global Supply Chain Program Manager, Manhattan Associates

I have worked with Puga off and on over the last 8 years. We first worked together as consultant/analyst on a medium-sized WM implementation. Puga was excellent to work with. He was inquisitive and thoughtful when tackling problems. He was very efficient, and always professional in interactions. More recently, we have worked as Senior Managers for a much larger client. I have found him level-headed and thorough in tackling problems. He clearly has an excellent working relationship with executives at the customer. I am very impressed at how Puga has progressed in his career at Manhattan.

Ananda Veeramuny

Senior Director Engg, Publics Sapient

I had the privilege to work with Puga on one of the Implementations. He is one of the best project managers that I've come across. He is detail oriented, understands the customer requests on the first go and provides best possible solution to the customer. He was able to add substantial value to the project that we both worked for. I am glad I was also in the project with Puga.. Keep up the good work!!!


Derrick Claggett, Senior Manager IT Domestic Global Systems Hanes Brands

I worked with Puga on many software implementations at Hanesbrands Inc. Puga is highly professional and very personable. I would highly recommend Puga for any position. Puga delivers quality solutions while providing quick and accurate resolutions to our business needs. He is ethical, and results driven. Puga communicates well with all levels of Management including Senior and Executive level management. His communication skills are excellent. He would be an asset to any organization.

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Dan Sippel, IT Manager at Ross Dress for Less

I had an excellent experience working with Puga during the Design phase of a WMS project several years back. I recommend Puga as an expert level consultant with strong written and verbal communication skills; he can drive a design session with twenty five executives in the room and keep driving the agenda and keep the team focused.

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Dale Philips, Head of Global Technology Business Operations, Ralph Lauren

I worked with Puga on several software implementations at Hanesbrands Inc. Puga is a technically astute professional who I would highly recommend for any position. He is personable, ethical, and delivered results. He did what he said he was going to do and was always approachable. Puga clearly has the ability to work with senior and executive management. His communication skills are excellent. He would be an asset to any organization.

Surendra Agarwal, Partner E&Y

I worked with Puga on multiple accounts at Manhattan Associates. Puga knows the WMS processes and system inside out and has an incredible ability to trouble shoot the problems. His can do attitude is an example for the team and he does anything to make the client successful. He works really hard and long hours and still very easy to work and get along with. Even though in formal role I was supervising Puga, our day to day relationship turned into a good personal and professional respect. I highly value his visionary ideas to conceptualize new business – something he did very successfully at a client that was brining up a warehouse from scratch. I will work with Puga any day and would recommend highly.


Puga Sankara is the CEO and Founder of Smart Gladiator. Smart Gladiator is an ATDC Georgia Tech company, Smart Gladiator's award-winning product LoadProof is an Enterprise Photo Documentation System that is enjoying tremendous traction in the Supply Chain Community. LoadProof is a patent pending Centralized Cloud based Enterprise Photo Documentation System for Supply Chain. It is built on the premise that photos and videos are vital documentation serving as compelling proof of important operations performed in the supply chain within and across organizations. These operations may be related to fulfilling customer orders, meeting contractual obligations, or transferring merchandise across different parties taking part in the Supply Chain operations. 

LoadProof is as important for your organization as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) which is an enterprise system of record for critical documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Contracts between parties etc. that have tremendous legal ramifications, or a WMS (Warehouse Management System), that holds indispensable information related to orders shipment/fulfillment data. Just like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat have evolved into platforms that enable individuals to showcase how pretty they or their clothes are, LoadProof is a similar Enterprise system of record that holds photos, not so much for show off, but to serve as compelling, unequivocal, thoroughly documented proof, even in the court of law when there is a dispute between organizations while they perform many facets of their functions/operations, as well as for increased visibility and transparency within the Supply Chain. LoadProof is live in 500+ Sites, 250+ corporates, 13 Countries.There are more testimonials in this link here also Learn more here on our YouTube channel,  & also here in LinkedIn -